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wall [king] stick


Charleston City Guide & Free Lattes

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t thrilled on the idea of moving back to Charleston, SC. Despite the fact that it’s one of the coolest historical cities in the United States, it’s on… Continue reading

Fully Love : Fully Live

This is one of my favorite late-night projects that I intend to actually make into a real piece one day, rather than two separate crumpled pieces of paper (which I think have both… Continue reading

kitchen t r u t h

I love dinner parties. I would have one for all my friends every week if I could afford it. In fact, consider this your official invitation to a dinner party at my house… Continue reading

whittle me this

Signing up for a woodcarving class at university may have been one of the better decisions I’ve made. It doesn’t take much more than a porch, some knives, and some idea of what… Continue reading

d o o d l i n g

Ok ok, so this was actually just a sketch of a bike that I was working on for a side project, ended up scrapping my original idea, & then got the great idea… Continue reading